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I found it so easy to speak to Pete. He is friendly and doesn't judge. He has a knack of getting to the crux of what is going on. Counselling isn't all easy and Pete can be challenging and supportive at the same time. He has a lot of experience and knowledge and it shows! Go and see Pete if you want to change your life.

IJ. May 2018

I had three sessions for phobia of the dentist. Everything went well on the day of the appointment. I waited for the nerves to kick in but they didn't. Thank you so much for your help.

TR. Sept 17

I've gained far more from our time together than I ever expected and it's given me a much more positive outlook on life

DL September 16

After being a confident driver for 20 years, I suddenly developed a fear of driving in the fast lane on the motorway. If I pulled into the fast lane to overtake someone, I would become filled with fear and think I was going to pass out. From the first session with Pete, he reassured me by first explaining the physical reactions I was experiencing, which started to help me rationalise my fears. After three sessions of hypnotherapy, I am cured and feel completely calm and in control when overtaking in the fast lane.

Thank you Pete.

CS. June 16

I had been struggling with food intolerances for many years and it was making my life extremely difficult. I wasn't sure if hypnotherapy could help but decided to try.

Peter was an excellent choice. He was genuine, respectful and kind. I felt completely at ease in his care. His warm personality is uplifting and I looked forward to my weekly session.Most of my food intolerances have gone and as an extra benefit hypnotherapy has improved my sleep too. I thoroughly recommend Peter and wished I had found him years ago.

JK, May 2016

My GP gave me steroid cream to aid "Anxiety induced Eczema" and suggested increased exercise to help disturbed sleep. Nothing was offered or suggested on how to deal with the anxiety.

Not having had hypnotherapy before I was sceptical about any curative factors it may have. Now I can truthfully say that having had Ten sessions, I can get into a deep relaxed state almost automatically. There are times when I feel I need additional input, and I simply play Peter's CD, which is weird because it's like having him in the room with me.

One more thing, drawing from the hypnotherapy, I decided to have one "Stop Smoking" session. I am now on my 67th day without tobacco.

I would be happy for Pete to pass on my details to others who may want to ask about my experience of hypnotherapy with him.

SW, November 2015

Pete is a wonderful therapist. Without the hypnotherapy sessions I would not be in the happy, positive place I am now. The hypnotherapy sessions have led to improvements in all aspects of my life.

Pete is generous, honest, caring and considerate. He was able to make me feel at ease when I was talking to him about some of my darkest thoughts and feelings. At no point throughout my therapeutic journey with him did I feel judged, in fact for a while I thought he was the only person who understood me.

Pete’s positive and friendly nature is infectious and greatly increased my confidence in him and myself, as well as reducing my anxiety. Pete has enabled me to manage my low moods and depression by taking positive steps, building my self-esteem and to regain control. I would and have recommended Pete and his therapies to those who I have felt would benefit from this intervention.

CR, March 2014

I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy but I was interested in giving it a go and I am glad that I did.

I felt so relaxed after each session which gave me the ability to think more positively – which was what I wanted.

I feel that now I can think things through and focus more on the things that I want to achieve. I was also given a relaxation CD which helped me to carry on with the hypnotherapy and this is a great help.

DF, June 2013

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