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Privacy Policy

Bristol Talking Therapies Ltd is committed to the save storage of your personal data as required by General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Your contact details and brief notes on each session are kept in individual folders for seven years. All notes will be destroyed after this time. Notes are only kept in paper form, are stored securely and are only seen by your therapist. Under GDPR you are entitled to request to see your notes.  If you wish to see your notes you will need to apply to your therapist in writing. In signing this agreement you are consenting to your information being stored.  You can request  at any time for your data to be erased. However, it would not be possible for therapy to continue in this circumstance as maintaining notes is important for any therapist to work safely and effectively. Requests for data to be erased would need to be made in writing to your therapist.  There is an encrypted record on a desktop computer of contact data for all clients. This is so that you can be informed should your therapist become incapacitated in any way. A named executor would contact you. Any details of invoices etc are also kept electronically in encrypted form. 

Any emails, texts or voicemail messages will be deleted with 28 days of receipt.

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