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Coming out of lock-down.

Embracing and adapting to circumstances is essential to therapy. This has never been more significant than in the times of Covid-19. Like most therapists, I have adapted to working on line. This has proved to very successful with both counselling and hypnotherapy clients. I have continued to work remotely from my home in Downend, Bristol. The Enso rooms was forced to close during lock-down and is now open again. However, coming out of lock-down is proving more complicated than adjusting to its imposition. When to re-engage working with clients face to face is unclear and at this time safety has to come first. So in line with advice from the National Counselling Society and the National Council for Hypnotherapy I am cont

inuing to work only online. This will be reviewed regularly as the situation develops

Rather like when we come to change restrictive patterns of behaviour, the transition towards a more healthy and liberated way of living can feel uncertain and unsettling. Of course, safety needs to come first. Developing awareness, managing our emotions, being ready to sit with uncertainty, staying in the moment, mindful planning and a readiness to take risks will be equally important.

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