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Post traumatic stress

Most of us will experience a traumatic event in our lives and it is normal to experience high levels of anxiety and images of trauma for some time after the event.

For some people these persist or may reoccur later in life. The individual may experience intrusive thoughts, recurrent recollections, flashbacks and nightmares. The individual may find themselves withdrawing from others, experiencing irritability and anger or feelings of survivours' guilt.

Post traumatic stress symptoms often occur in individuals who were able to composed and calm during the time of the original stress. Post traumatic stress is in common in people who work in front-line emergency services – a mixture of repeated exposure to trauma and the current lack of security and resources inherent in the current working climate in public services combine to increase anxiety and the brain's fear response.

How hypnotherapy can help

It is clear that while our intellectual mind may know that no imminent risk remains, our subconscious mind still acts as though this is not the case. Hence the brain continues to re-run past events in search of solutions to events that have passed. Hypnotherapy helps to reduce anxiety, restore the intellectual mind's ability to function and reprogramme the subconscious mind to accept that the danger has passed.

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