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Anger management

Anger is a necessary emotion that gives us the motivation and energy to fight, whether for self protection, protection of others or to ensure that we could compete for resources such as food. Without it our species would not survive.

Many of the things that bother us today cannot be solved with one action and may build up over time. Sometimes we are unsure what we are angry about and the brain will look around for something or someone to be angry with that can be confronted. Most of us have had the experience of something really getting to us one day when at other times we have barely noticed it. The more stressed we are the more likely we are to become angry.

For some of us an angry reaction may be our default. Our subconscious mind has identified acting in an angry fashion as a pattern of behaviour as having previously enabled our survival and will act to ensure that we repeat this automatically.

The people least likely to act on the emotion of anger tend to be the ones more able to stay calm, make a good assessment of the situation and act confidently and assertively.

How hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy works to enable to remain calm and relaxed, to be able to think clearly and chose a course of action most likely to be effective for you. It can help to train the sub-conscious to adopt other patterns of behaviour in stressful situations and greatly increase your confidence.

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